Albums - Sports in Perfect Harmony

1.  Somewhere over the Rainbow
2   Angel
3.  Count me out again
4.  Rollback
5.  The Seven Seas
6.  The Huntsman's Daughter
PRM CD6 2004


Cold Flame musicians
Patrick Rowbottom vocals, bass guitars
  Ben Daglish   flute, whistles,acoustic guitar
  Simon Dowling electric and acoustic guitars
  Dave Slater  vocals, drums and percussion
  with Dara DeCogan violin


S.P.H. musicians Jeni Cauldwell ,Joan Carr vocals 
  piano  Joan Carr
  acoustic guitar James Fay
  flutes Emily Law , Emma Curry , Hannah Whittle
  cornet Maria Birnie
  alto sax Nathan Harding
  chorus Jessica Rowbottom , Jessica Metcalfe , James Fay , Cerys  Michaelson Yates , Fay Alison , Ashley Conaghan



A very special album recorded in May 2004 at Shipwreck Studios in Glossop and officially  released on Wednesday June 30th , 'Sports in Perfect Harmony' sees Cold Flame joined by violinist Dara DeCogan and  pupils from St.Philip Howard Secondary School   in a project to help raise money for the Glossop Secondary  School's bid to become a Sports College. All proceeds from this release go towards the Sports College bid . The six tracks on the album mark Ben's recording debut with the band and feature  new reworked versions  of several previously released  original band tracks as well as a brand  new instrumental piece The Huntsman's Daughter which features Ben's incredible whistle playing .This track has already been featured in the band's recent Jethro  Tull tribute shows .To start the album off, some of  the children are featured solo in a moving rendition of the classic tune 'Somewhere over the Rainbow ' In  musical style the album retains an acoustic folk rock feel throughout and the individual and 
collective contribution's made by the pupils adds much to the appeal and positive feel of the album .
The album is now available from St.Philip Howard School as well as all the Glossop feeder primaries as well as The Glossop Chronicle Office and Wains Stationers both in the centre of the town . For further details contact the school by email or phone them on 01457 867114


SPORTS IN PERFECT HARMONY  Press release review  September 2004

The album begins with a version of the Judy Garland tune which owes more than a passing nod to the version recorded more recently by Eva Cassidy.It is amazing to realise that when school pupils Jeni Caldwell and James Fay originally recorded this last year ,they were both only thirteen years old .Their talent is awesome .Originally recorded at home on the Fayze 2 mobile this version has been mixed like all the other material at Glossop's Shipwreck Studios .

A bouncy up tempo tune with a jazzy blues feel which features fourteen year old singer and pianist Joan Carr as well as Cold Flame flautist Ben Daglish who happens to be a bit older .This song is about friendships not always working out and the consequences if that happens yet somehow the piece manages to remain musically and vocally optimistic .

The title track from the last album shortened considerably from its original eight and a half minutes length to a more manageable five mins for this project yet it loses none of its power .Jeni gets a real opportunity to shine on this moving piece and there is an excellent vocal chorus harmony with James Fay who readers may know as being part of young Hadfield band Fayze 2 .The tune champions the life of the deep sea fisherman who risks life and limb even today to make a living and feed the family . The coast line around the Cherbourg peninsula in Normandy , France inspired much of the imagery .Even today there are still many working ports , the seas remain treacherous as do the many submerged rocks . Sadly all too often crews make a one way trip . In September 2003 a four man crew sailing from Portbail a small seaport approximately twenty miles from Cherbourg floundered off the Alderney coast and sank with the loss of all on board including the youngest member of the party - just nineteen and his first time .The Seven Seas is dedicated to the memory of this ill fated crew whilst also recognising the bravery of those who continue to ply their trade in this manner .

Cold Flame do the 'diddly-diddly' .For most of us a helping hand can prove very useful and if you are a believer in guardian angels , then this tune may ring some bells . We are joined by our good friend Dara Decogan fresh from the Halle Orchestra and his trusted and highly expensive violins . Lead vocalist Joan Carr and Cold Flame drummer Dave Slater in the meantime trade vocal parts giving almost a child like lullaby feel to the song which is very much in the Irish celtic mode....a happy bouncy tune to dance the night away.

Simple little acoustic tune with a catchy chorus and a haunting and evocative 3 part harmony flute riff thanks to the SPH flute ensemble . A song all about childhood memories which vocalist Jeni Caldwell captures extremely well .Very fitting that in this new version [originally recorded for last year's THE SEVEN SEAS album.] that the song features children taking lead parts throughout especially in the vocal parts both solo and chorus .

The final tune on the album is an opportunity for the band to shine as an ensemble. This instrumental piece was only written in May but has already been played live as part of the band's renowned and highly rated Jethro Tull tribute show. Featuring Ben playing some superb whistle this piece is reminiscent of English folk music at its best -reminds one of Fairport Convention or maybe the Albion Band. Again as with the rest of the material ,the tune has a haunting feel to it . (Glossop Chronicle press release review  September 2004)


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