News - January 2014

This year, Cold Flame celebrates their thirtieth anniversary as a live and recording band. Having enjoyed the occasional ups and coped with the downs within the UK 'rollercoaster' music business for the last twenty nine years from our safe Derbyshire hideout, needless to say, it remains business as usual this year as we find ourselves once more throwing caution to the wind both on tour and in the studio. I am pleased to say that our backroom staff of studio technician Wal, face book guru James P and webmaster Dave Forward all remain pledged to the cause as indeed do all the varied members of the band though flautist Pete will be taking a break this Autumn to pursue a musical project of his own. We also welcome photographers Heather Burns and Richard Jones who have been very supportive in recent times whilst Canadian artist Shannon Lyons will also be working with the band at some point this year. Should there be anyone out there who fancies connecting with the band in any way please contact the band via we look forward to hearing from you.

The Cold Flame official website has just had its annual Christmas revamp and a number of changes and alterations have been made to help update the look of several pages on the site. Do check out these changes as they help to keep you in touch with band developments. All necessary links to additional band information remains available from the website. Both Cold Flame face book sites have proved invaluable over the last few months and the band acknowledge the friendship and support that continues to echo through these forums on a daily basis. Acknowledgement is also due to those radio stations both local and regional who continue to play the band.s original music across the airwaves. Check out some links on our Contact page.

During 2014, Cold Flame will continue to present audiences with original blues and prog/folk rock music taken from the band's many studio albums which remain available from the band see the website Shop for details. This year will also the band premiering new original songs live, some of which will be recorded for studio album release later this year. There will be occasional acoustic concerts as well featuring some of the original material on the recent acoustic album 'The Acoustic Collection' as well as popular sing a long stuff and traditional folk rock jigs and reels. For those of you interested in the music of Jethro Tull, several Tull tribute shows have already been confirmed for the first half of 2014. There are several very exciting big shows in the pipeline so fingers crossed that these come off. As with all electric and acoustic Cold Flame live concerts, please refer to the Cold Flame gig guide. Additional information relating to all Cold Flame gigs can be found on the band's face book pages whilst information relating specifically to the band's links with Jethro Tull can also be found at

It is a couple of years since Cold Flame last spent any time in the studio. Great news then that the band are currently rehearsing a number of new original tracks with a view to booking recording time very soon. Additional original and covers material recorded by Cold Flame during 2013 is currently being mixed for album release sometime this year as well. Fingers crossed as always.

Cold Flame have always been happy to support worthy local, regional and national charities and just before Christmas, we raised the brilliant sum of £736.86 for the Cancer Charity Mummy's Star based locally in Hadfield, Derbyshire. Please check out the Mummy's Star website and give this worthwhile charity your support

And finally, if ever there was a time to bring out a new design for a Cold Flame t shirt, it has to be this year so watch this space and thank you for staying with us for the last thirty minutes/days/years.

Happy New Year one and all, PR and Cold Flame.



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