Tinker, Tailor, Worker, Whaler
CFR CD8 (1991 /2007)

Tinker Tailor Worker Whaler - studio
Skid row
The Folly
I can't stand it
The Tinkers tale
Spinning wheels
End of the line
One final tear
Rebel child*
Memories of you*
The mad hour*
I believe in you*

*previously unreleased material
Patrick Rowbottomvocals, guitars, bass guitar, mandolin
Neil Fishervocals, guitars.
Jon Deanlead guitar.
Dave Forwardkeyboards
Vince Waltondrums and percussion
Gerald Bostocktrombone
Joe Francistenor saxophone

Recorded at The Basement Studios in 1991 and Manor Park Studios 1989/91. Engineered by Dave Forward and Mark Tolle. All remastering by Davyd Simpson on the Cold Flame mobile March 2007.
Produced by Patrick Rowbottom. All songs by Patrick Rowbottom

Patrick originally recorded this collection of songs during the spring and early summer of 1991 enlisting the help of studio wizard and musician Dave Forward and guitarist Jon Dean. Although not a concept album as such, there is a general theme both musical and lyrical running through the material which is loosely based on ‘the working man’ both from a modern and historical perspective. Previously unreleased bonus material from the same time frame includes some of the other musicians who have played with Patrick over the years. Several tunes, taken from Cold Flame's live reportoire at this time, make an appearance most notably Skid Row, Highlander, Memories of You and End of the Line. In addition, there are a number of vocal and instrumental tracks displaying the folkier side of Patrick's songwriting some of which was inspired by the visual and geographical landscape surrounding his home town of Glossop. During the spring of 2007 Patrick teamed up with Cold Flame keyboard player Davyd Simpson to remaster these tracks taken from the original mini disc masters as well as some other material recorded in more or less the same period which had been gathering dust in the vaults.Resident band artist Julian Homer designed a new album cover based on the original artwork by Lee Robinson. The finished product was finally rereleased in September 2007 and is now available direct from the band see elsewhere on the website for details.

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