Albums - On Thin Ice.

  On Thin Ice. [1993 - RERELEASED FEB. 2002]
Walk away
Cried out blues
Mama's blues
Tears for a friend
Soft shoe shuffle
Snowy mountain
Highlands and islands
Lucky man
Living is for loving
Lazy bones
Tomorrow never comes
Rich Man's Song
Fourteen Wheeler Man
Time Is Running Out
Snowy Mountain 2
Lazy Bones 2
Rich Man's Song - reprise


Musicians Pat Rowbottom vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion
  Dave Conner electric and acoustic guitars
  Barry Stones vocals, electric guitar
  Mick Whatley drums and percussion

Recorded at Soundcraft Studios, Leicester and The Basement Studios, Broadbottom during spring and summer 1993.
Released in November 1993.
During January 2002 the album was remixed and remastered at The Basement Studios, Broadbottom.
Released in February 2002.
Engineered by Dave Forward and Derek Roberts. Remastering by Pat Rowbottom and Dave Forward.
Artwork by Julian Homer. Produced by Pat Rowbottom.

All songs by Pat Rowbottom and Dave Conner except Cried Out Blues,Tears For A Friend by Barry Stones and Rich Man's Song,Fourteen Wheeler Man by Ralph Hall. Thanks to Dave Forward for additional drum programming and percussion.
Additional vocals on Walk Away, Soft Shoe Shuffle, Crying, Rich Man's Song and Fourteen Wheeler Man - Ralph Hall


Background to the album

'On Thin Ice' released in 1993, represents the first studio album recorded by Cold Flame. Work actually began in 1991 when the band booked a day's recording at a studio in Leicester that no one can now remember and possibly no longer exists. Tapes still exist from this session, but as no one in the band felt happy with the overall sound , things were allowed to gather dust. However early in 1993, the band felt ready to try once again to record what became that all important first album. Two separate recording studios were used during the sessions that took place in the spring and summer of 1993. Soundcraft Studios in Leicester with sound engineer Derek Roberts and Basement Studios in Broadbottom, Cheshire with sound engineer Dave Forward. Early sessions concentrated on a number of original songs that had been regularly played live over the previous two years. These songs, written by Pat and Dave highlighted the blues rock style of the band. Pat takes up the story ' 'As the sessions progressed, we just carried on recording.It seemed a good idea at the time and in hindsight we were probably right'. This meant some new tracks written by Pat also ended up as part of the final product. An additional musician who featured on some of the material was Leicester blues man Ralph Hall. Ralph was a regular on the Midlands blues scene and he kindly volunteered his services, contributing vocals on five songs.

When the band decided to re release the album in 2002, it was suggested adding some extra tracks if they existed. After careful scrutiny of the reel to reel recordings in the vaults at The Basement Studio some unreleased material from these same sessions undertaken in 1993 were found - a big surprise to all the band. In all, six new bonus tracks were added to the original fourteen.

Collectively the twenty songs now available on the 2002 re release, which also comes with a newly designed album cover, reflect how the band sounded in the early 1990's - original blues rock featuring a twin guitar approach.. Several of the tunes found on the album still remain part of the live set today, albeit in modified form. These tunes include Living is for loving,Mamas blues, Lucky Man and Snowy Mountain.

The album 'On Thin Ice' is available via the band website Shop.



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