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The Granite Project; the quest begins.

The spell that is called real life was broken. Awoken from their slumbers by the magic of the information superhighway, after what seemed like the sleep of centuries, our little band of Hobroyds once again scurried around in the shadow of the fabled Snowy Mountain. They gathered at their favourite watering hole (one that they had not been banned from in a previous life) and exchanged tales of other times and other places; times and places so distant that they were never really sure if they ever actually existed.

Time passed pleasantly enough, sitting around the fire telling tales. However, it could not last, and eventually the Hobroyds grew restless. What should they do next? They could return underground and hibernate again for another three centuries. This would have been the most sensible course of action. Or&

&they could reunite and conquer the world. With reinforcements from beyond civilization (Glasgow and Suffolk, to be precise), they set off on their quest. They travelled the length and breadth of the country, rediscovering lost skills, losing them again, fighting the odds with what few undamaged brain cells they could still muster, until they were ready.

Ready to take on the great unwashed that lurks in the alleys and back-streets of the beautiful hamlet that they were once proud to call home, and reclaim it once again in the name of the Hobroyds.

Repackaged under a new name for a new millennium, this little band of time-shifted miscreants is now called The Granite Project. The first blow was struck in February 2005, in Olde Glossope. (It should have been on New Years Eve in Hadfield, but problems with neighbours, etc etc&You know how it is!) In a smoke filled room above ye olde tavern they boogied the night away, and a good time was had by all.

In fact, such a good time was had by he who counts that the band of merry pranksters got what is known in the trade as a re-booking  a fairy tale come true. So you, dear reader, now have a chance to be a witness to this slightly bizarre phenomenon that defies all logic.

The Granite Project will be causing chaos and mayhem in the name of world domination, sorry, a good time, at the Whitfield Centre, Ebenezer Street, Glossop, on Saturday April 16, 2005. Doors open at 7.30, and all proceeds go to MENCAP.

Be there, and catch some memorable rock music from beyond time, recreated by a group of old, grey rockers who really should know better.



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