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JAN 2004

Shaking off the varied excesses of yet another Christmas vacation , welcome back one and all to what will hopefully be a great new year - one full of optimism and positives as Cold Flame yet again display eclectic musical creativity in a myriad of indoor and outdoor venues - small and large - throughout England's green and pleasant land . As you can see on our newly updated gig guide , we have a whole new bunch of live dates awaiting us and yourselves  beginning on January 3rd in Buxton ,Derbyshire . Whilst some of these dates will be used to perform and promote songs from 'The Seven Seas'  the  band's latest studio release , there will also be ample opportunity to feature a healthy selection of Tull tunes  and just maybe we will retain some of our  rythmn and blues standards as and when the venue fits . Not forgetting of course our full scale Tull tribute shows  . Feel free to check the gig guide at regular intervals and / or email  the band as new dates are being confirmed all the time .  
  During the last few months Cold Flame have been very active in developing the Jethro Tull tribute theme into a proper pro show .From the feedback we have been receiving in the UK coupled with the occassional U.S email , this hard work and dogged perserverence is paying off . Cold Flame are now able to present a two hour plus show of Tull favourites enough to keep even the most diehard fan satisfied . As our recent tribute shows in December confirmed , the Tull connection is being very well received and a lot of credit should go to the band's new frontman - flautist , multi instrumentalist and singer Ben who has taken to his new role with remarkable speed and mucho enthusiasm  given the limited amount of time available to him to prepare. Well done that man !!!   Following Jethro Tull's British tour in February 2004 ,Cold Flame will endeavour to fly the Tull flag  with a number of fairly high profile Tull tribute shows in late March through to  April . Again we ask you to refer to the band gig guide which  is
  being updated regularly as new dates are posted . As mentioned on the band message board , we can now confirm that several  live recordings are currently safely housed in the dim dark vaults at Shipwreck Studios in Glossop ready to be unearthed later this month , shaken and stirred for public release hopefully  in the Spring . These recordings may well be of interest to Tull  and Cold Flame fans alike as they represent not only renditions of  Cold Flame's summer 2003 Tull tribute shows but as such  also feature the final dates played by our ex frontman Peter Cheetham .  One final point continuing the Tull theme is that various parts of the band website have just been altered and upgraded with the Tull Connection page receiving special attention .Do take a peep and let us know what you think either by using our message board or emailing the band direct at
  We are often asked at gigs about playing other venues or special functions . This often happens however at the end of the night when we are at our least receptive and thinking more about the journey home and the safety of our bunk beds . In truth however Cold Flame are always up for playing in new market places so if you have a venue or function in mind do contact us through the website and we will see what we can do .     
  The downloads section is currently off line as you may have noticed .Work is ongoing to reactivate this part of the site so expect to access selected tracks from the new album very soon .As a taster however check out our webmeister's mix of 'The Beast' on the message board .
  Finally should you come across them in your travels around Greater Manchester , give Stockport based band YEARS a listen . A fine band with a future as witnessed by those lucky  punters who caught them supporting Cold Flame at The Witchwood recently .  Also a quick mention for the Tull influenced 'MOLLY BLOOM'  fronted by non other than Steve Dundon who played flute and sang on Mick Abrahams 'This Was ' album a couple of years back .  Molly Bloom are based in Bury ,Lancashire and are well worth checking out .Just go to our links page and log on.... you  will be impressed . Hopefully Cold Flame will be linking up with Molly Bloom at some point this year for a joint gig maybe we can persuade Dave Rees and the bunch at A NEW DAY magazine that a north of England Tull Convention might be worth setting up . We will certainly keep you updated .
   Be seeing you all hopefully somewhere on the Jethro Tull. tour of the U.K. in February [details from the Tull website] when perhaps we will read in the programme notes that 2004 will see a brand new studio album from the chaps . Now that sounds like a great plan Ian .

        COLD FLAME JAN. 2004


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