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July 2003

Yes it has been quite some time since the last news update but given the band's busy rehearsing,recording gigging and posing schedule in recent months coupled with some modest recreational sojourns,we feel sure you will all understand.

Towards the end of July,Cold Flame embark on a very special high profile mini tour of premier north of England venues.The 'very special' bit is because these particular gigs will see the band celebrating all things Jethro Tull in a two hour plus tribute performance of classic Tull music,humour and energy. We hope these shows will provide fans of the band a great opportunity to see us on the bigger stage as well as be a positive focus for all Tull fans around the north of England.We hope you will enjoy the shows just as much as we will and rest assured ..we will. Additional details can be found on the gig guide and Tull Connection pages of our web site.You may be interested to know that a couple of these dates will be recorded on adat and video tape for possible future public release.

During the last few months,band members have been involved in recording some new songs which will form the basis of Cold Flame's next studio album.Again the location has been Shipwreck Studios in Glossop with stalwart studio engineer and long time friend Paul Walster once again ably assisting our collective creativity..After a brief but unavoidable delay when the studio closed temporarily during April and May,the band are once more engaged in very hectic recording activity which should mean the release of our fifth album tentatively entitled 'THE SEVEN SEAS' around about late Sept/Oct...fingers crossed.Most of the material is already mastered and we are delighted with the way the new stuff is sounding.Everything written for the new album is original material, most of it written by Patrick though Peter has also had a go this time round and written a couple of interesting rythmn and blues pieces.Whilst the familiar band trademark of rocking blues is again to the fore,there are several varied celtic and acoustic pieces reflecting the progressive broadening sounds and approach of Cold Flame 2003.With this in mind we have been ably assisted by Dara DeCogan - principal violinist with the Halle Orchestra based in Manchester as well as living not 5 mins round the corner from Patrick.We will keep you posted re album developments.Don't fall asleep should you get to see the band during the next few weeks as we have started to play the odd new track here and there.Come the Autumn expect to see several new original songs gracing our live performances.

A few weeks ago we played our first 'acoustic and blues' gig which went down extremely well to a very packed and appreciative crowd...probably better than we expected truth be known.The next gig of this type is on Sunday July 6th at The Eagle Hotel in Buxton.We would like to see you all there again in force in what is for us a very different type of gig but one that is very soothing to the ears - both yours and ours.

Whilst band members have varying degrees of interest in keeping their Diary pages up to date they have all made recent promises to the Headmaster so do check out this part of the website for mock humour and band injokes.Thinking about it do check out the new band mug shots that are scattered about the site.

You may also have noticed that Cold Flame t shirts are also now available for the very modest price of £8.00.Rollup for the chance to parade around Tesco's busy aisles wearing your fave band merchandise.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the band during the last few months.Your support at gigs,buying our albums or just using the message board has been just great..long may it continue.See you soon.

Best wishes....The Band.

JULY 2003....Patrick's postcript.

With the band being so busy at the moment we forgot to mention some other bits of news.Relating to the Tull shows we are playing at the end of July,a huge thank you goes out to Dave Rees and his merry team down at 'A NEW DAY'the very excellent and informative Jethro Tull fanzine, for giving Cold Flame such a positive plug in the latest July A.N.D. We really appreciate this positive publicity and hope that it encourages Tull fans all over to have a look/see.

Several months ago we were approached by Carlton TV to work on a folk-rock music documentary recalling some of the legends and myths of Lincolnshire.As it turned out eventually,time constraints and deadlines worked against us and although the documentary has now been made,this time round Cold Flame don't actually feature.However maybe next time Carlton!

Thanks mainly to the Cold Flame online Shop and the marvels of the Internet,we have been marketing our albums in Europe over the last few months.This has recently paid off in of all places Scandinavia and particularly Denmark where the band are now receiving radio play for all three of our current studio albums.

As you will note from the band gig guide there are no gigs booked after August 3rd.The band will be taking a months break from music during August in order to build up cash in piggy banks and treat long suffering family members to the dubious non musical delights of summer holidays.Rest assured come September everything will be shipshape once more ready for an AUTUMN GIGGING BLITZ as we look to promote our soon to be released new album.Even as we speak,I am currently working out the Autumn gigging schedule which promises to be a cracker......PR. July 5th.

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