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JUNE 2004

Greetings one and all and welcome to another round of gossip and trivia  from Cold Flame HQ .First up  the band will be releasing a  rather special mini studio album at the end of this month  . St. Philip Howard Secondary School in Glossop Derbyshire are bidding to become a Sports College and in order to receive this recognition and status need to raise several thousand pounds ..Enter Cold Flame who have donated several tunes from recent studio albums and returned to Glossop,s  premier recording studio Shipwreck Studios to create new versions of this material which in addition to the band backing  features solo vocal and instrumental  performances from several  students attending the popular Derbyshire secondary  school .The album which is entitled 'Sports in Perfect Harmony ' a reflection on the reason for this special release , is the brainchild of bassist Patrick who has also produced the album whilst engineering duties were once more handled by Paul Walster from Shipwreck Studios . Just to spice things up even further ,the band have recorded a brand new  catchy instrumental piece of music  featuring Ben's virtuoso   whistle playing .Entitled 'The Huntsman's Daughter'  this piece has already seen the light of day in recent Cold Flame Tull tribute show performances and this track will be part of the fund raising CD . The album will be officially  launched at two special evening concerts on Wednesday June 30th and Thursday July 1st to be held at the School .For further details on this event and the new album and to find out what tracks are going to be featured  check out - Rhythm and Greens 2004 -  on the extra  news section of the website .
You will have gathered by now that, through no fault of Cold Flame nor the Northernbands team, the US server for the online message board and shop has pulled the plug - effectively severing connections and losing a number of band files as well as files unconnected to Cold Flame but run by Northernbands.Following recent discussions , we will be looking to revamp and present new editions of both the message board and online shop which we feel are a very important part of the band website helping to keep the band in touch with fans of Cold Flame music and thereby encouraging constructive dialogue .Please be paitient...... we do apologise for the current inconvenience but rest assured ,normal services will be resumed soon  .
During recent  weeks, Simon has  completed  his musical studies at Stafford University with a number of final examinations . This allowed trusty guitar man Dave Conner  to once more take stage left and strap on his sandals and his collection of rare and rather expensive electric and acoustic guitars as he negotiated  the ever busy English motorway system and an ever busy gigging schedule which can be found elsewhere on our website . Simon has now returned to the band fold as Cold Flame rehearse  for a summer musical blitz  performing  an array of Tull tribute shows and festival appearances scattered across the country .Dave C  will also be making several key appearances keen to show his continuing support and enthusiasm for the band he helped to create back in 1984 .Please note  that the organisers of the Glossop Music Festival in early July are now restricting all  music acts playing over the two days to half an hour spots due to the extra bands that have now been added to this annual event and the limited  time available during the weekend .This means a rather restricted Cold Flame 'Tull show ' but with some ' bonus suprises'  all the same so just be there and enjoy .
Recognising that the band are  now presenting two seperate live  shows , we have  decided to split the gig guide into seperate guide for the rock ,blues and folk rock stuff and a seperate guide for the Tull tribute shows .Hopefully this makes more sense for everyone and this has been acknowledged in the feedback we have recently received . In the meantime a whole wadge of new dates and details  has gone on the gig guide and this is continually being updated  by our webmeister Wal . We are really pleased to be playing several festival dates this summer especially the ones at Ramsbottom in Lancashire and Chalgrove near Oxford [ see gig guide ] and look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible to support us . In return let's all meet down at Cropredy near Banbury  in  mid August for what might just  be the last Fairport Convention Reunion Festival as we know it .If you are completely unaware of just how good this  annual three day Festival  is and need a mega  additional reason to get to this event.....Jethro Tull are headlining the Friday night and Clive Bunker and Maartin Allcock are performing the same day  as well with Anna Ryder .For further info email or check out the Tull and Fairport Convention  websites on our Links page . See you there - it promises to be a fantastic event this year with by far the strongest festival line up for  many years .
For the staunch Jethro Tull die hards among you , please check out both Patrick's  latest diary entry  and some great new pics of Tull live in Bournemouth ,Southern England in February taken by our good friend Tim Stenton .You can access these on our 'Tull Connection ' pages .
The longevity of Cold Flame has finally been recognised in the local media with a review in the 'Yesterdays' section of the Glossop Chronice of a concert we played in Macclesfield more than  14 years ago ! One should always retain a healthy sense of humour  on these occasions . Finally, as always, we would like to thank those of you out there who have come to see us perform during the last few months and / or chosen to buy our studio and live albums . Sure we enjoy what we do and have a lot of fun yet somehow if we didn't get the kind of positive feedback we do ,things just wouldn't be quite as worthwhile  . Thank You  one and all for your continuing interest and support for  the band and our music .

Cold Flame June 5th.


When bass players get together what do you expect  .Patrick and Peggy strut their stuff for the camera .

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