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MARCH 2004

If you think that things have all gone quiet on the Cold Flame front during this very cold spell you would be very very wrong .Yes it is true that we have taken a break from gigging  but thats partly been in order to earn enough money in our day jobs to buy all the new Jethro Tull merchandise on offer at the recently sold out and highly successful   Tull UK tour as well as purchasing three more remastered  Tull albums .Still all good money well spent .Do check out for more details .In fact recent live inactivity has given members of Cold Flame  an opportunity to do all the other things essential in keeping a rock group kicking in 2004 .Our website has been revamped considerably and there have been significant changes to a nos. of pages especially the Gig guide , About ,Band history ,Tull connection and Gallery pages .The Tull fans amongst you will be pleased to see more Tull live action pics as well as further AND team gatherings . Additionally ,the message board has been fine tuned yet again so please use it . Finally  a very upgraded Shop page is shortly to be unveiled for you all to peruse and hopefully purchase lots of our goodies and the official verdict is that it  looks very impressive indeed .
Time consuming as this undoubtedly  is ,the results speak for themselves and we really do enjoy making the website look even better  so please  don't be shy  , do let us know what you think ......our webmeister  Wal is to be congratulated on doing such an efficient and sterling job . Talking of congratulations our head roadie Petethehammer recently did the 'honourable' thing and tied the knot with his beloved Karen following this up with  a few days spent  in  a very wet Madrid ,Spain .Recognising this momentous occasion and wanting to please Pete ,we have acqiured a new blow up lead guitar for Pete to play on stage replacing the infamous silver grey version that  'died'  backstage in Leek last December with a bright and breezy red version .
   This last few weeks has seen us once more back in the studio .Last year a couple of the band's Tull shows were recorded and saved for posterity .We have now made a start on mixing this material with a view to releasing the best bits as a momento of the way we sounded twelve months ago at least in our Tull tribute mode .More details to follow very soon . Watch this space . Hoping that things don't get too complicated , the band has  been approached to help in raising money for a local Glossop ,Derbyshire  secondary  school who are seeking Sports College status .Our support will be in the form of a mini cd of original band tracks with musical  contributions from some of the pupils at the school .All proceeds from this worthy cause will go towards the school's sports college bid  .Again watch this space for further details .
   As already mentioned Cold Flame return to live action once more this month and following a couple of warm up dates , rehearsal sessions and photo shoots , will present the Cold Flame Tull Show 2004  which begins at The Limelight Club in Crewe on Thursday March 25th ,  onto The Fishpond at Matlock Bath the following day  and then  continueing at regular intervals throughout the next few months - check the new  gig guide for further details . You can also check out what Ben gets up to when he is not strutting his stuff with us .Check out the Loscoe State Opera link on the links page as they will also be out and about during the next few months  starting with a gig at The Running Horse in Nottingham on Sunday April 4th .
   There has been some speculation in Jethro Tull fan circles that a UK Tull Fan Convention might be on the cards this year - the first one in the UK for several years .Without wanting to count chickens just yet , there are some ongoing discussions taking place which may realise this project this year after all .More details as they emerge but apart from Cold Flame  and  The Dayglo Pirates -  Dee Palmer ,Molly Bloom and Seismic Ring are all very much in the frame . Sounds like great fun and we will all do our best to get this project up and running .
   Anyone who caught Ian ,Martin and the chaps on their recent UK tour will have witnessed that JETHRO TULL  remain at the height of their musical and creative peeks even if hairlines leave a lot to be desired these days .Tull still cut the mustard on the world stage and the audience reaction was both reverential and highly  positive .Good to see the band themselves probably more relaxed than ever despite the complexities of the music . One wonders whether Ian can now make use of the gap in April caused by the Mandoki German tour falling through to reassemble Martin ,Doane ,Andy and Jon for that brand new studio album we all crave for . In the meantime there is always Cropredy for all of us in Blighty to look forward to .Yes this year ,Fairport's Annual Reunion Festival in the heart of the English countryside at the village of Cropredy near Banbury , will see Jethro Tull headlining on the Friday night .You can access further details by logging onto the Fairport link on our links page .  Some of you out there
may have heard or read in  the press recently that ex Tull bassist and Fairport stalwart Dave Pegg has been having a difficult time of it of late .After 37 years of marriage Dave and his wife Christine are about to divorce which has resulted in the need for Dave to sell many of his treasured possessions a large quantity of them musical with an obvious Tull / Fairport link .Dave explains all on the official Tull site .In the meantime , here is a picture taken  at Cropredy 2003  when clearly Dave and Patrick  teamed up to enjoy the heatwave ,the music, the beer and the people .See you again this year .' We're going to meet on the ledge.......see all our friends.......'



When bass players get together what do you expect  .Patrick and Peggy strut their stuff for the camera .

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