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MARCH 2002

Well here we are once more hopefully keeping you well informed with the occasionally exciting, never dull, worlds experienced by the Cold Flamers so let us bring you right up to date on all the latest band gossip, of which,this month,there is quite a lot.

Main news first...Following some very unfortunate circumstances way beyond our control, several concert dates have had to be cancelled at extremely short notice as of late February/early March.Both Patrick and Simon have been 'in the wars',medically speaking, so please please be gentle with them both when you get the chance.This situation has contributed to a lack of info and change on the website whilst things remained unclear.However everyone is now in fine fettle once more and clarity has thankfully returned to the fold. As a result Cold Flame will now return to live action by mid March.Consequently the band's gig guide has needed to be altered and updated and now covers the period from mid March to the beginning of August when hopefully the sun will shine and we will all scurry off with family members to exotic climes and locations resting ageing limbs and minds whilst giving our increasingly sensitive ears much needed respite.Do check out our gigs regularly as more dates will be added in the very near future to our live concert schedule.Note that there are some 'big' gigs and Tull 'tribute' shows coming up during the next few months as well as several new venues mingling with the regular group faves.The band will also be slotting in some acoustic dates but more of that later.Hope to see some of your friendly faces around.We really dig the support we get.Right then...load up the coach...who is the driver this time?

Work continues at Glossop's Shipwreck Studios with resident sound engineer Wally on what will be Cold Flame's fifth album.No release date as yet though early summer seems favourite.According to headmaster and bass guitarist Patrick, the new stuff is coming together really rather well.Dara DeCogan,violinist par excellence with the Halle Orchestra and local boy to boot has added some musical colour enhancing the very celtic feel to a couple of the new tracks.Meanwhile you should soon be able to download tracks from our latest album 'Still Burning The Blues'...just keep your eyes peeled.

Following comments and suggestions made during the last few months,we have now installed a Message Board on the website.This is primarily for you.Please feel free to use it regularly and sensibly.That is why it is there.It will now be easier for the band to reply as well.We really do appreciate your feedback be it good,bad or least we get a response. T shirts have been promised for some time and nothing has happened.We are to blame.However the good news is that this should be rectified by the end of the month. Expect brand new Cold Flame T shirts with our familiar band logo.These will be available from the band shop found on the web site as well as at gigs.

After complaints from various band members some new up to date live action pics taken by our good friend and Buxton based Tull fanatic,Les Hallam, now grace the live gallery page.According to Simon,these new shots show everyone out there just how cute the band can look on a good day.I think the jury is out on that one.There are some new diary items to peruse as well if you are really struggling with your sleep patterns. As fans of Jethro Tull are no doubt aware,the top notch independant JT fanzine 'A NEW DAY' edited by our good friend Dave Rees, is an essential item in keeping fans aware of all things Tull particularly in the U.K.It is true that the official,informative,excellent and recently upgraded Jethro Tull website is first class but there is something about being able to hold and read a mag that is well....better somehow and hmm....made in England.Do check out the mag and support Dave and the crew at AND.You can subscribe to this top mag by logging on at and no we are not on commission.

A quick thank you to the hard working organisers[HeavyMetalrockshow and Scavengers M.C.C.]of the Third Valentine Ball held recently at the Manor Golf Club in Kearsley.This was truly our biggest and definately most successful Tull tribute gig to date watched by well over 300 enthusiastic punters.Great stuff and for those of you there who took photos...any chance of some copies?


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