MARCH 2008

Read on for all the latest news and updates in which we highlight new gigs, website updates, a new and very special Cold Flame album release and the latest news on Jethro Tull. We also welcome back Davyd who has now fully recovered from the need to be surrounded by young and very attractive nurses. Rob has also been briefly under the surgeon’s knife – unfortunately the nurses were too busy with Davyd to realize that another member of the band was just down the corridor.

The last six weeks have been a time of recuperation, rehearsals and studio activity so its good to report that March sees Cold Flame once more returning to live action with several Jethro Tull Tribute shows. Unfortunately a couple of additional shows in premier venues have been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances but we are confident that these dates will be rescheduled later in the year. A completely new set, new visuals, new publicity and clean underwear should make for some memorable moments. Please note that the Grimsby show at The Yardbird Club on Friday March 14th will also feature support act Merlin’s Keep who are an up and coming Lincolnshire folk rock band who are well worth checking out on myspace. Local fans of Cold Flame have been asking members of the band for some time about playing a home town rock gig. This has now been sorted at last with the band scheduled to headline The Moon and Sixpence in Glossop on Friday April 11th. It may not be the world’s largest venue but the crowd and atmosphere are second to none and the chaps are really looking forward to this one. As always check out the band gig guide for all latest gigs and venue links as updates occur regularly with the gig guide covering the whole of 2008.

During February members of the band have been very busy putting the finishing touches to a very special limited edition new album. Entitled 'The Radio Archives' the band's latest CD is a collection of 15 acoustic and electric blues recordings made by Cold Flame almost ten years ago in local radio stations in Derbyshire and Cheshire. Some of this guitar based material is original whilst there are some classic blues covers thrown in as well which were very much part of the live setlist when these recordings took place. Accompanying the band which at the time consisted of Patrick, Peter with drummer Keith Bonthrone and guitarist Dan Hall is Buxton musician Chas Duncan who died tragically from heart failure last year. Band spokesman Ben Rossington explains that in many ways this album is a tribute to the memory of classically trained pianist Chas who was a very good friend of the band and there are several examples on the album of Chas's excellent musicianship. In keeping with the 'special' tag that this new album brings, Cold Flame have decided to donate all proceeds from 'The Radio Archives' to help local people in the Glossop community. Proceeds will support the health plan of a young local boy James Wilmot who suffers from brain damage and requires continual hospital treatment as well as the Marie Curie Nurses who have a shop in the town’s High street. The band has also been working with year 11 students from St.Philip Howard Sports College in Glossop on a separate CD of original music written and recorded by the students entitled Schooldaze and this will also be part of the fund raising effort. The new Cold Flame album is released on Thursday 27th March and will be available direct from the band – see band shop - as well as in several local Glossop outlets including the St.Philip Howard School contact 01457 853611. There are additional details on this latest release in the Albums section of the website.

In the last few days extensive changes and very necessary updates have occurred on our main website and remain ongoing. There has been a major overhaul of content on the About page and Shop sections. The Gallery and Tull Connection pages have also undergone big changes and there are some terrific new live action photos taken by our resident photographer Stuart Steele to peruse on the About page individual musician thumbnails as well as the main page of the Gallery section. Additionally there is a new page in the Albums section to highlight ‘The Radio Archives’ CD. The Cold Flame Myspace site has also had a make over with new blogs, new band diary musings, a brand new profile background – yes the dinosaurs are no more - and Davyd is adding new profile songs to download.

JETHRO TULL - 40th Anniversary
Singer, songwriter, guitarist and flautist Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, has been awarded an MBE. This year the Dunfermline-born musician celebrates his 40th year as a recording and performance artist and Jethro Tull are about to begin a world tour celebrating their 40th anniversary milestone check out for all the latest news. This tour which begins in the UK will feature the band nucleus of Ian Anderson, Martin Barre and Doane Perry backed by Dave Goodier on bass guitar and John O’Hara on keyboards. It seems appropriate at this point to reflect on the contributions made by two now ex members of Jethro Tull – Andrew Giddings and Jonathan Noyce. Cold Flame would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to Andrew and Jonathan both for their contribution to Jethro Tull over the years but also their continuing friendship with the members of Cold Flame. Rumours suggest that some ex Tull members will perform at selected dates on the UK tour at least. Much of the music for this tour will be taken from the band’s first three albums and interestingly enough the band’s first album THIS WAS is being re-released to promote the tour. However plans for a brand new album from Jethro Tull have been held up due to some members of the band needing to spend time with better quality surgeons than those used by Cold Flame. Expect a brand new DVD of Tull through the ages which is almost ready for release and there is also the recently released 4 CD box set from honest Dave Pegg entitled A Box of Peggs which includes several previously unreleased and rare Tull tunes as well as an excellent booklet on the man packed with wonderful photos. Highly recommended. Ian Anderson, who has recently returned with Tull from an overseas tour playing in Russia and the Ukraine, had this to say about his M.B.E.

"I grew up listening to jazz and blues so I suppose my perception of what I wanted to do and how it fitted into the bigger scheme of things was that it was a career rather than a tilt at being famous for a day. Things started happening for us when we got a residency at the Marquee club (in London) and played there every week and John Peel picked up on the early Jethro Tull and started playing our first record and had us on his show a few times." Commenting on his honour, Anderson added: "In an entirely respectful way, I refer to it as the village postman award. "The point is, you're in there with all these people who aren't well known but who have devoted a life to something and are eventually recognised - that's the best company you can keep."


As always the band would like to thank everyone for their continuing interest in Cold Flame music which thanks to modern technology is now available world wide. Be seeing you, have a happy Easter and should you need to invite the chaps to your party then feel free to email at

Cold Flame March 2008.


Shaking off the varied excesses of yet another festive vacation, welcome back dear friends and family members for what will hopefully be another great year in 2008 -one full of optimism and positives as Cold Flame yet again display eclectic musical creativity in a myriad of indoor and outdoor venues - small and large - throughout England's green and pleasant land.

The band have a whole bunch of new live dates already confirmed or awaiting so,beginning on Friday Jan.4th at The Black Swan in the quaint village of Ashover, Derbyshire. Whilst many of these dates will be used to perform and promote Flame original classic rock,blues and acoustic material,there will also be ample opportunity,for UK Tull fans at least,to check out the latest Flame Jethro Tull tribute show which is currently being revamped as new material is currently being rehearsed.Feel free to check the gig guide at regular intervals and/or email the band as new dates are being confirmed all the time. The band's first Tull tribute this year should have been at The Robin 2 in Bilston on Wednesday February 20th.Unfortunately flautist Peter is not now available for this one due to unforeseen difficulties so the gig is currently being rescheduled for later in the year.Keep your eye on the gig guide for latest developments as the rest of the band may still fulfil this booking as an origonal rock set with another act headlining,subject to ongoing negotiations.Cold Flame do have further JT tributes in March and May coinciding with the real deal - Jethro Tull's lengthy 40th Anniversary Tour of the UK which will take place in April and May.Check out the official website for all Jethro Tull news and dates.

Both Davyd of the keys and occasional guitarist Simon have been under the watchful eyes of the medical profession recently.Thankfully all poking and prodding has been successful.Davyd will take to his stool by the end of this month and Simon will be once more available to guest with the band when needed and/or there's no money left in his piggy bank.Both Keith Bonthrone and David Conner will also be making selected guest appearances through the year once more augmenting the band sound with age and distinction whilst underlying the 'family feel' of Cold Flame today.

Peter has now completed his latest solo album of original material entitled 'One Man's Nemesis' which is being released this month.The album consists of 13 self penned new songs featuring Peter playing flute and guitar and singing.For more details on this album check out Finally all current members of Cold Flame as part of their individual new year resolutions promise to update their band diaries asap..Watch this space.

As always Cold Flame appreciate the interest and enthusiasm that friends and fans alike continue to show in the music we write and perform. Long may you all continue to enjoy those things that make you happy especially when it comes to Flame music. Any ideas or suggestions do feel free to email at Do stay tuned to both the main website and especially the myspace site for the very latest updates.The webmaster have now archived all the news items over the last few months as Autumn 2007.Please check out again as there are some very useful links theirin. And finally there are some wonderful live concert shots taken by band photographer Stuart Steele during Autumn 2007 which will be going up on the website as soon as time will allow.They really are excellent and Stuart has been a star capturing the band in full flight.

Happy New Year.Be seeing you....
Cold Flame Jaunuary 2008