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Patrick's Diary - September 2004


Traditionally the band has always taken the month of August off for family hols and to recharge flagging batteries. A time to put our collective feet up and give music a complete rest. Funny thing rest. Well I guess that's the theory but not maybe  the reality- at least not this year for me. In fact, I seem to have done very little else during the past couple of weeks except work on musical matters mostly connected in some way to Cold Flame....and I always thought it was a  relaxing hobby. Funny thing hobbies.
  A quick jog down recent memory lane reflecting on a number of jobs more or less completed during the last two weeks . In no particular order but just to show you what I mean, there has been quite a bit of promo work done for the 'Sports in Perfect Harmony' album whilst the band  website has been updated in a number of areas with lots of help from our goodly webmaster Wal. Touring schedules have been sorted out for the Autumn with  a couple of dates having to be altered which is always a real  pain. The telephone and I have spent far far too much time together but at least this has helped each member of the band to be clearer about what will be happening  bandwise over the next few months especially in relation to the rehearsal of new original and Tull music. It has helped me be clearer as well which is always nice Both the record distribution deal and the Uriah Heep gig have been sorted as well as a link up with Woolworths regarding the sales of the Sports in Perfect Harmony album which hopefully will be
sorted for next month. Much of the band pa equipment is now being checked and overhauled - another job I seem to have inherited, whilst on a personal level most of my own gear has also gone through the same process. Time consuming maybe but very neccessary. Then of course there are the posters and general publicity to sort. Our excellent mate, Jon who is the landlord of The Hark to Towler in Bury has been working on a brand new poster for the band  with support from Ben and myself . This poster  will be used to advertise the band's Tull tribute shows. A close friend of mine Davyd with a 'y' has been rehearsing with the band recently and played with us in a recent acoustic gig. Davyd's real forte are the keyboards and plans are ongoing to develop opportunities for Davyd to play more regularly with us. Stay tuned for  further developments.
Need I go on. Anyway the next two weeks will be more relaxing as I really will be able to leave the music behind whilst contemplating the beauty of the Normandy, France landscape. Now then everything is packed....ah nearly forgot to pack the acoustic guitar . That wouldn't do would it not when its time to get creative and write some new material  for the next  studio album.......Funny thing holidays.
See you somewhere soon......Patrick

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