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Christmas - a time for relaxing with family and friends ,watching classic TV repeats,stuffing the turkey,the Queen's speech,midnight mass,even more damned text messages than normal but not for us poor unfortunates of the music world.For us time is precious and waits for no one. The festive season has seen Peter,Simon,Dave and myself busy, rehearsing and recording new material which will form the basis of Cold Flame's next studio album.Yes I know that we have only just released an album in Nov.2002 but many of the songs that appeared on that album were not new ones hence the work now ongoing.

As yet untitled,the new album is being recorded at our regular haunt - Shipwreck Studios in Glossop and as usual,it is being engineered by Paul Walster.Eight brand new pieces have emerged already with as many as ten further pieces in the mixing stage.The material thus far reflects the way we sound today which we hope appeals to a broader fan base.The rock and blues feel is still very much in abundance but the lighter, celtic and [dare I say it?]Tullish side of the band's style also seems to shine through on several of the songs.Whilst I have written the bulk of this recent material,Peter has also been busy putting guitar and pen to paper and has come up with some fine original tunes of his own.Needless to say we feel very excited about this latest project which feels really strong musically and lyrically. I will keep you informed of all developments as they unfold...PR. Jan.03.

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