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I always try to make my diary entries revolve around some kind of theme.During the last few months I seem to have renewed one way or another several long lost musical acquaintances.The last time I bumped into original Tull bassist Glenn Cornick was some 20 years ago during his original Wild Turkey days.The bar at the infamous Stoneground venue in Manchester no less.Recent emails across the big pond to Glenn's home in U.S.A. show how easy it is to be in contact these days.Anyway a treasured Wild Turkey in concert poster from Manchester's Stoneground 1973 has now been downloaded and will be appearing on Glenn's website very soon.I should perhaps add that it was Glenn who indirectly influenced me to try the guitar..4 string variety all those years ago.I think I made the right choice.

In late 1988 I had the pleasure of being introduced by Dave C.to Leicester guitarist Barrie Stones.Within weeks Barrie had joined the band and also brought his mate,drummer Mick Whatley to the fold as well.Barrie remained with Cold Flame for approx. four years and during this time Cold Flame recorded the 'ON THIN ICE' cd..Barrie contributing two original compositions to what was a very successful and enjoyable first album.Increasing work committments forced Barrie to leave the band in 1994 and we sort of lost touch somehow over the years.It was a great thrill to receive an email from him recently and again,through modern technology we have been catching up on band memories during the last few weeks.

During the recording of my second solo album SANDS OF TIME in 1995,I met a very special and dear friend Karen Heywood.Apart from amazing good looks and a lovely voice ,Karen had played in a number of folk bands in the Stockport area and her input into the album was invaluable.Recently partly as a result of the 'Byards Leap' story ,Karen and I have been discussing a couple of music possibilities which are likely to evolve later on in the year.More details to follow but this is connected to the idea of Cold Flame looking to broaden horizons by playing more semi-unplugged gigs in the future and with guest musicians.

Anyone aware of my early musical background may vaguely recall a four piece band I formed in Glossop in the early 1980's called 'NOTHIN DOIN'.This band developed into a rather more ambitious five piece called 'LANDING PARTY'.The singer in both these bands was called Neil Fisher.About 10 years ago ,Neil went to the U.S.A to work.Minding my own business in Old Glossop recently, Neil nearly ran me over on his mountain bike complete with pleasingly grey hair,extra weight and silly helmet.Yes,he is back in Glossop and together with his guitar we have discussed some autumnal musical collaborations again with the semi unplugged Cold Flame gigs in mind.

Derek Clayton gets a mention not for his musical abilities which have always bordered on the minimal but because again here is a guy I grew up with who due to his world travels ended up marrying a ballet dancer in Peru of all places.Now there is inspiration for a song.Derek has returned to Blighty for a few months and it has been good to see him even if he does now resemble Rod Steiger on a bad night.For those of you who remember really far back Derek and I biked all over the country prior to me having that silly arguement with a single decker bus on Dinting Road.He was even featured in an early Cold Flame rocker we used to play entitled 'ONE FOR DC' and no we won't be playing it in the near future.

Following Keith Bonthrone's departure from the Cold Flame hotseat and prior to Dave joining the band a couple of years ago we auditioned a number of north west drummers,the best of whom was Pete Macdonald a well respected drummer based in Stockport.Pete and I have remained friends ever since despite the fact that Dave pipped him for the gig.Pete is now in a new Stockport based band called 'REAL LIVES'.I cannot yet give you their website address unfortunately as they are still constructing the site but you might like to check the band out by coming to see Cold Flame's Tull Show at the Witchwood on August 3rd when 'REAL LIVES' will be supporting us.The following weekend sees everyone in the know going down to Cropredy for the annual Fairport Convention Reunion Festival and if ever there was an opportunity to reconnect this just has to be it.See you there.

Bye for now.....Patrick july 2003

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