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Several years ago, back in 1995 to be precise,I was persuaded to venture once more into the recording studios to record a second solo album. Inspired by my interest in English history and wanting to get away from the mainly rock and blues elements that dominated the Cold Flame sound,I elected to take the folk rock/acoustic route.Whilst some band members guested on individual tracks,much of the actual playing on the album was handled by myself.However ,recognizing the rich vein of diverse musical talent existing in and around the Glossop area I was fortunate enough to receive help and support from several local folk musicians including my good friend and singer/guitarist Karen Heywood.It was Karen who introduced me to an old trad. Lincolnshire folk ballad 'Byards Leap'which liking so much I recorded for the album - 'Sands of Time'.

Eight years on and Byard has done a 'new' leap.I have been contacted by Gareth Owen,a journalist at Carlton T.V.He is currently working on a new television documentary relating to folk lore in the Lincolnshire area and particularly specific legends / places.Byards Leap falls into this category.Gareth is keen to use the tune and get some background info on it for his programme.

Whether anything comes from this remains to be seen but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.I will certainly keep you all informed of any developments.

PR. March 2003

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