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August 2003....

PatGreetings everybody and welcome to the seriously rationed section of the Cold Flame website known as umm....my diary.

You might well think that having just successfully finished my second year at Stafford Uni.that I would now be able to put my feet up and relax driving around in my new car escorting my new girlfriend to sample the delights of Sainsbury's cafe in the heart of Buxton.The band had other plans and as you know from other parts of the website we are heavily involved in working on the next Cold Flame studio album which should be ready after the summer holsWhat you won't yet know is that I have written a guitar instrumental for the album which the band quite likes.It has not got a title yet but Patrick has given the green light so we will record the track this month and see what happens.It's a long way from the country and western stuff my cousin rescued me from three years ago.Oh ok..Patrick has just walked in and has named my new tune 'Corsair'...great my mum will be so proud of me[ha ha] Just a quick mention for the Tull gigs that we are in the process of playing just at the moment.A lot of hard work has gone into the Tull Show so if you have the time do come and take a peep..don't leave it till the Autumn.My biggest problem will be what to wear on stge at these gigs and I know that Peter and Dave will be watching me unpack the suitcase with trembling anticipation. See you soon hopefully in front of the stage.Don't try to feed me cucumber sandwiches though as I am trying to give these up.
All the best - SIMON.






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