Thoughts from the Heart [single]

Thoughts from the Heart - The Christmas Single

Thoughts from the Heart cover        

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Pat Rowbottom: vocals, bass guitar
Rob Barnes: electric guitars
Phil Marke: drums and percussion
  • Written and produced by Pat Rowbottom. All copyright PR.
  • Recorded at Starring Studios, Littleborough, Lancashire in 2017. Sound engineer - Neil Scales.


Following several months of Cold Flame studio activity with sound engineer Neil Scales in the recording studio the band released a Christmas single on December 1st 2017. The song entitled 'Thoughts from the Heart' was recorded at Starring Studios in Littleborough, Lancashire with the help of Neil Scales who previously worked with the band on the 2016 acoustic album release 'One Man's Wood'. In style the feel is quite commercial and certainly upbeat helped along by a driving rhythm and a catchy repetitive guitar riff. So very much a modern blues rocker. Having recorded a demo of the song last year, going into the recording studio this summer allowed for some further fine tuning as is always the case with studio work. In addition to writing and arranging the song, Pat sings and play bass guitar with band members Rob Barnes and Phil Marke supplying the guitars and drums respectively. Check out this link to download the song now available on ITunes, Apple and Amazon.
Thoughts From the Heart - Single by Cold Flame on Apple Music

For the technically minded you may be interested in finding out more about Neil Scales and his recording set up at Starring Studios in Littleborough, Lancashire. Whilst keeping busy with various Cold Flame projects, Neil is also working with other north west musicians and welcomes enquiries from further afield. Follow this link to check out Neil's set up at Starring Studios - Another article on Neil can be found here -

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